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OFF-STAGE with DJ J-SMOOV: Performing in a time of a Pandemic

What's up J-SMOOV! Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a DJ.

My name is Johnathon aka DJ J-SMOOV and since day #1 I've always been the life of the party, had a love for music, and enjoyed entertaining others. So that's where it really started. Back in 2010 my cousin asked two of my childhood friends and me to DJ and host her husband's surprise birthday party. At that time, we were known for making great mix CDs but had absolutely no real DJ experience. It's funny, we actually rocked the party and requested to be paid in liquor. From there, things SLOWLY grew one event at a time. Over the years, I learned more about the industry and how to DJ. Also, I was given opportunities such as djing a friend's family reunion and weddings here and there. It took a lot of free and low paying gigs just to gain exposure, but I knew it would eventually pay off. In 2016, JSquared Entertainment was formed, and I haven't looked back ever since.

What have you learned during this pandemic?

I've learned that ANYTHING can happen and you simply must adjust. No one expected this pandemic and there was absolutely no way we could have prepared for this. However, I didn't let this situation deter me from pushing forward. I was able to book virtual events for clients such as Georgia Tech, non-profit organizations, and people celebrating birthdays virtually.

We heard that you recently performed at a large wedding, how was that experience from booking the wedding to the actual wedding day?

July 2nd was our 1st wedding since the pandemic. Although I was excited to get back doing what I love, I was also well aware of the dangers of Covid-19 while djing for a crowd of about 100 people. We made provisions to be safe as possible; even gave guests the option to make song requests via text. Overall the wedding was super LIT and surprisingly people danced all night.

Do you have any advice to give our DJ and event planner readers?

Branding is EVERYTHING. It plays a major factor in the clients that you attract and your price point. You must ask yourself what does my social media, website, business cards, dj setup, and my attire say about my brand.

Keep Up with DJ J-SMOOV

Check out J-SMOOV online at and Follow @djjsmoov82 on Instagram and Facebook.

Photos courtesy of JSquared Entertainment.

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