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DJ Francesca Harding spotlights the legendary Larry Levan for his impact on DJ culture today

"At a time when the future of DJ’ing hangs in the balance, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s all the more fitting to highlight Larry Levan, a visionary whose legacy persists throughout every core aspect of DJ’ing as we know it." - Francesca Harding

Our guest writer Francesca Harding is a DJ and radio host based in Southern California. She currently works at an ad agency, pitching music for Film and TV trailers. Francesca’s DJ mixes have been featured on Jay Z’s blog, Life and Times with her mixtape 'Ciao Verano' as well as Seattle’s 90.3FM KEXP. 

As a music curator with ten years of experience, Francesca has curated content not only for radio, but for fashion brands, art publications and music festivals, including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and Chicago's Unisono. As an international Dj, Francesca has spun for crowds in the UK, Mexico City, Colombia, the Bahamas, and South Korea, and has played opening sets for artists such as The Weeknd and Ariana Grande.

We hope you will enjoy her piece on Larry Levan and his influence still present today as much as we did

Larry Levan, Our Founding Father

by Francesca Harding

"Until recently, when it came to the state of the DJ world, there were unwritten truths that we held as self-evident: Music lovers with a passion for songs falling outside of the mainstream knew with certainty they could flock to an underground club to quench their thirst for a left-of-center fix. There’s the phenomenon of the celebrity DJ – individuals propelled to superstar status for their production and turntable skills , or simply for their larger-than-life personalities. There’s the remix – a reimagined adaptation of a pop song weaponized to ignite the dance floor. And we’ve all stood mesmerized by the staccato flashing of programmed lights, the thump of a pristine bassline buzzing within our core and us, open-hearted, certain that the DJ and the music would save our lives..."

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