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Profile Setup

How do I sign up?

All members must complete the online membership application verification on the website before renting or listing their equipment. A member from StageWing™ will review your account and complete a verification check based on our membership criteria. You will receive a notification from StageWing™ to notify you whether or not your account has been approved. It’s a small time delay but it help us ensure the safety of our community.

Are there any types of equipment you do not allow for rental?

Yes, we do not carry CO2 confetti guns, light trusses, pyrotechnics, or any suspended equipment.

Why do I need to add a phone number and address? Who sees my phone number and address once it's on my account? Is it public?

Your phone number and address is NEVER displayed publicly. You control if you would like to share it with the other user you are renting from/to, once a rental has been confirmed.


Do I need insurance for my equipment to be able to rent through StageWing™?

Yes, we recommend all providers of equipment obtain equipment insurance AND voluntary parting insurance before listing their equipment for rental. Members can purchase insurance through their own insurance provider or through StageWing’s preferred insurance provider Athos Insurance. You can purchase insurance here For more info on equipment insurance and voluntary parting insurance - please visit Athos Insurance Please note: Equipment Insurance DOES NOT cover internal causes of loss such as mechanical breakdown, wear and tear, unknown causes of malfunction, hidden or latent defect, rust, oxidation, corrosion, or discoloration. I also understand this insurance is NOT an Extended Warranty or Service Plan on my equipment.

Is it safe? Who will I be renting to/from?

We know your DJ gear and your gigs are very precious to you. We built a verification system that provides us with various information so that our members will be assured that they can be confident when transacting with another. Rest assured that we’ve already done the background work and you'll be transacting with another professional DJ!

Payments & Pricing

How are payments processed?

StageWing™ currently uses Stripe, a third party payment processing application. Equipment Providers must create an account with Stripe to be able to receive funds.

Do you set prices or do I?

The prices for your items are set by you. We just ask that Equipment Providers do not go below the minimum suggested price based on our industry standard price list. If you have a customized/upgraded piece of equipment be sure to note that in the equipment description. Once your items are approved to be listed, if your item is rented, StageWing™ may charges a service fee which cover payment processing, verifications, and member support. The remainder of the rental charges are directly deposited into your bank account.

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